Japan's Reps: High School Superplays by Kawamura & Tominaga

Japan’s Reps: High School Superplays by Kawamura & Tominaga

When it comes to the dynamic 22-year-old duo making a splash as representatives of Japan in the 2023 World Cup, Yuki Kawamura and Keisei Tominaga are the names that stand out.

Despite this being their first appearance in the 5-on-5 World Cup, both Yuki Kawamura and Keisei Tominaga are leading the Japanese team with their outstanding performances.

Interestingly, these two peers have been attracting attention as stars in the Japanese basketball scene since their high school days.

So, in this edition, we will be showcasing a compilation of their high school era superplays through video—featuring Yuki Kawamura and Keisei Tominaga of the Japanese national basketball team.

Furthermore, we will also introduce the semi-final match from the 2018 Winter Cup, where Fukuoka First High School led by Yuki Kawamura faced off against Sakuragaoka High School led by Keisei Tominaga.

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Yuki Kawamura and Keisei Tominaga’s Wiki Profiles

Yuki Kawamura and Keisei Tominaga’s Wiki Profiles We will be introducing the Wiki profiles of Japan basketball representatives Yuki Kawamura and Keisei Tominaga in sequence.

We are also featuring videos from their high school days.


【Video】Yuki Kawamura’s Wiki Profile (Fukuoka First High School Alumni)

Japan's Reps: Yuki Kawamura
Source: news.yahoo.co.jp

Name: Yuki Kawamura
Date of Birth: May 2, 2001
Age: 22
Hometown: Yamaguchi Prefecture
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Blood Type: B
Affiliated Team: Yokohama B-Corsairs

Yuki Kawamura hails from Yamaguchi Prefecture.

He attended Fukuoka First High School, a prestigious institution in Fukuoka Prefecture.

A perennial contender in the national tournaments,
the school consistently ranks high every year and is often considered a candidate for championship.

After joining Fukuoka First High School, Yuki Kawamura secured four national titles,
becoming a superstar player recognized by high school basketball enthusiasts everywhere.

One of Yuki Kawamura’s notable strengths is not only his scoring ability but also his exceptional defensive skills and assists.

From his high school days, he consistently amazed even against professional players, making him an unstoppable force on the court.

If you’d like to know more about Yuki Kawamura,
we have compiled detailed information here.

Please take a look.




【Video】Keisei Tominaga’s Wiki Profile (Sakuragaoka High School Alumni)

Japan's Reps: Keisei Tominaga
Source: instagram.com

Name: Keisei Tominaga
Date of Birth: February 1, 2001
Age: 22
Hometown: Aichi Prefecture
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Affiliated Team: University of Nebraska
Instagram/Twitter: X

Keisei Tominaga originates from Aichi Prefecture.

He attended Sakuragaoka High School, a prestigious institution in Aichi Prefecture.

During his final year of high school, Keisei Tominaga achieved a remarkable feat in the 【Winter Cup 2018】,
scoring 239 points and setting a historical record.

Here is the scoring ranking.

239点Keisei Tominaga (Sakuragaoka 3rd grade)
2176点ケイタ カンディオウラ(Teikyo Nagaoka 3rd grade)
3111点コンゴロー デイビット(Houtoku Gakuen 1st grade)
4111点セン マム リバス(Sakuragaoka 1st grade)
5108点Matuzaki Horoki (Fukuokadaiichi 3rd grade)

Scoring 63 points more than the second-place player, he claimed the top spot in the scoring rankings.

Keisei Tominaga’s exceptional scoring ability is evident.

To showcase his scoring prowess during the Winter Cup 2018,
there is a video compilation of Keisei Tominaga’s scoring scenes,
which I’d like to introduce.

You’ll immediately notice that his scoring ability is truly beyond that of a typical high school player, so please take a look.



【Video】Yuki Kawamura vs Keisei Tominaga 【Winter Cup 2018】

Source: https://the-ans.jp/

Yuki Kawamura and Keisei Tominaga faced off in the semifinals of the high school Winter national tournament,
the Winter Cup 2018.

In terms of their school years, they were just a year apart,
with Yuki Kawamura being a second-year student and Keisei Tominaga being a third-year student.

With a national semifinal game, naturally high-level teams make it to this stage.

In this match, Fukuoka First High School, led by Yuki Kawamura,
secured a 31-point lead with a score of 103-72.

By the way, Fukuoka First High School went on to win this tournament.



【Winter Cup 2018】Fukuoka First vs. Sakuragaoka Highlights

This video compiles highlights and key moments from the Fukuoka First vs. Sakuragaoka match.


【Winter Cup 2018】Fukuoka First vs. Sakuragaoka Second Half Only

As the second half begins, Fukuoka First’s momentum explodes, quickly widening the point gap.

If you’re interested in witnessing Fukuoka First’s remarkably powerful defense in action, please check this out.