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Yuki Kawamura: Height, Weight, Age & More – Complete Wiki Profile!

The Basketball World Cup 2023 is taking place from August 25th.

The Japanese national team is competing for a spot in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

One of the most highly anticipated players in the Japanese national team is the 22-year-old point guard, Yuki Kawamura.

Be it speed, quickness, shooting ability, passing sense, or defensive prowess,
This time, I’d like to look into Yuki Kawamura’s Wiki profile, including his height, weight, age, and more.




【2023】In-Depth Explanation of Yuki Kawamura’s Wiki Profile!

We will introduce the Wiki profile of Yuki Kawamura, a player on the Japanese national basketball team.

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Japan's Reps: Yuki Kawamura's Wiki Profile

Name: Yuki Kawamura
Date of Birth: May 2, 2001
Age: 22 years old
Hometown: Yamaguchi Prefecture
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Blood Type: B
Education: Yanai Middle School, Fukuoka First High School, Tokai University (left)
Affiliated Team: Yokohama B-Corsairs

Yuki Kawamura’s Height and Weight

The height and weight of Yuki Kawamura, a player on the Japanese national basketball team, are 172 cm and 72 kg, respectively.

With a height of 172 cm, Yuki Kawamura is the second shortest among the members of the World Cup Japanese national team, following Yuki Togashi.

When looking into the average height and weight of 22-year-old males, it was found to be 172.3 cm and 65.3 kg.

While his height is around average, his weight is about 7 kg heavier than the average, indicating an athlete’s physique.



【Trends】Changes in Yuki Kawamura’s Height and Weight

Those who are familiar with Yuki Kawamura’s high school days may have sensed changes in his body.

In an interview during his senior year in 2019, it was revealed that his height and weight at the time were 170 cm and 65 kg, respectively.

Q1: What is your height?

A1: 170 cm.

Q2: What is your weight?

A2: 65 kg.

Source: https://basketballking.jp/

After graduating from Fukuoka First High School and leaving Tokai University, over the course of four years up until his current play with the Yokohama B-Corsairs, he has grown 2 cm taller and gained 7 kg in weight.

Joining university and professional teams and actively engaging in weight training likely contributed to these changes in his physique.

Let’s compare his appearance from his high school days to the present (2023) through images.

Yuki Kawamura comparison image

It’s immediately evident that muscle has simply been gained.

Overall, muscles have developed, and there’s an increase in thickness, even in the neck.

He must be putting a lot of effort into weight training.

For those who want to see Yuki Kawamura’s super plays from his high school days, we have compiled videos here.

Please take a look.


Yuki Kawamura’s Age

The age of Yuki Kawamura, a player on the Japanese national basketball team, is 22 years old.

His date of birth is May 2, 2001.

He recently turned 22 just a few months ago, making him the youngest among the members of the current World Cup Japanese national team.(Note: Keisei Tominaga is a year ahead in school.)

Despite being only 22 years old, he’s actively performing as a key player for the Japanese national team.




【Q&A】Getting to Know Yuki Kawamura

You probably want to know more about Yuki Kawamura, a player on the Japanese national basketball team.

For those of you interested, we’ve prepared a Q&A about his personal life.

※Reference: Yokohama B-Corsairs official website

Nickname: Yuki
Dominant hand: Right
Shoe size: 27.0
Mini-basketball origin: Yanai Mini-Basketball
Personality: Easygoing
Name origin: Derived from characters in his grandfather’s name
Favorite food: Sushi
Disliked food: Tomatoes
Favorite character: Totoro
Favorite color: Yellow
Hobbies: Traveling
Something to overcome: Eating abroad
How he spends days off: Resting, visiting hot springs, enjoying good food
Moments of happiness: Eating delicious meals
It’s surprising that his favorite character is Totoro.

We’ve learned about his adorable side.

Once the World Cup settles down, I hope he takes a relaxing trip to the hot springs.